Veegan Pho style soup! (For the lazy) 

Sometimes you just feel lazy or you may not have time. 

Today it was definitely laziness for me. 

I work in a Vietnamese restaurant and I love all the food, but making a good Pho takes hours so here is my super quick 10 minute twist for the lazy! 

What you need: 

Rice noodles of your choice 

1/2 vegetable stock dice 

1 head of pak-choi 

1 onion 

1 fresh chilli 


+ home made chilli oil (recipe coming soon) 

All you need to do: 

Boil the noodles, cool them under cold water when cooked. 

Add half a litre of boiling water to the pot, add the stock cube and all the veggies apart from the coriander, boils for two minutes and there you go! 

Add the stock to your noodles, add as much coriander and chilli as you like and enjoy! 

Yay for the lazy! (This recipe makes two portions usually!) 

Much love 

Veeganista x 

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