Veegan Avocado Pesto! (Pestocado in my books!) 

I am very well known for my love of avocados, I got tagged in avocado memes on a daily basis. 

So I combined my love of avocados with my love for pasta and pesto and made what I l like to call “Pestocado”

It’s an extremely easy, cheap and quick recipe to make! 

All you need is: 

1 avocados 

1 handfuls of fresh basil 

50g of pine nuts

1 clove of garlic 

2-3 tbls of quality olive oil 

Salt and pepper

Now.. how easy is this recipe you ask..? 

Throw it all in a blender and blend until smooth. 

Once blended add three diced tomatoes. 

On the side build your preferred pasta shape and there you go! Easy! 

This takes max 15 minutes, it’s easy, it’s quick and it’s definitely filling! 

I top it off with chilli flakes but I’ll leave that one up to you! 

Love from, 

Veeganista! Xx 

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