Just a quick lunch in North West London.

Being a student I cant exactly say my life is hectic like most Londoners, but we all know most of us students are incapable of organising ourselves and preparing lunch to take with us to university.
Sadly my university doesn’t seem to have a large variety of vegan options but from what I understand I know the MDXSU Vegan and Vegetarian society is working on that!

So lunchtime for a Londoner usually means a quick grab and go meal.

Today I decided to take a walk around Golders Green on my break and i came across a little place on Golders Green Road called “PITA”, I must have walked passed it a 100 times and never noticed it but today it really caught my eye as a saw a large group of people walking out of it looking extremely satisfied as they were biting into their wraps, i decided to check it out and the very first thing that caught my eye was the “Falafel Wrap” for only £4.50!


I don’t think I’ve ever tasted anything like it!
Not only was the staff incredibly friendly but the place had a wonderful, welcoming and cosy vibe!
I ordered the Falafel Wrap with hummus, chilli sauce, cabbage and a tomato and cucumber salad.
The Falafel was so perfectly crisp and flavoursome! I find most Falafels sold in London are very heavy to stomach, always delicious but heavy.

This little establishment is on 98 Golders Green Road and i absolutely recommend any vegan living in the North West area to go and try it! i promise you wont be disappointed!

When I’m in a rush my lunch usually consists of a light salad with crackers but I always love venturing out and trying new places! If anyone has anymore recommendations around the North West London area let me know in the comments below ill be more then happy to try some new places out!


Have a wonderful day Veeganistas!

Much love, Veeganista!x 

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